Exotic Dancers

Strippers in Cincinnati have a long history and a lot of stigma behind them however; most people don’t know where the history of dancers got their start.

The striptease is a modern form of entertainment that came about in the nineteenth century most notably in France but soon after that the United States. The dancers were mainly lower class women that needed money but it did more than just provide the women with money. Because of the fact that at the beginning of the industry for exotic dancing the girls were dancing for the middle class it gave them a voice as with the art they were able to make to comments and have opinions that in the time period were unacceptable for the average middle class woman to express. There was of course much backlash for those that did not approve of these dancers because they were outside the social norms of society not just in selling of their bodies in the way that they danced in provocative clothing but that it was acceptable that while worked for them to make comments about the political state to the men and be sarcastic. But with all of the backlash did come some consequences for the industry as it soon became something that many only considered entertainment for the working class man.

Throughout the history of exotic dancers this aspect has gone up and down about which class of men or even women come to watch the dancers. There are a now both kinds of places upper and lower class clubs for the dancers to work in. However this doesn’t change the stigma that is attached to the women that dance because from the beginning of their history to now dancers are still looked down upon in society. A dancer even today can’t put that on a resume for a different job as it wouldn’t look very good due to the fact that most people look at the work at sleazy or dirty even.

Other people tend to get some assumptions about the rest of the dancers life if they find out that they are a dancer even though it is a job and that doesn’t mean that it defines what that person is as it is only how they make ends meet. A lot of stigma probably comes from the fact that even today these women still come from a economic class and are just trying to make money to be in a better financial situation than many of them grew up in.