Exotic Dancing is a Real Job

When thinking of much of the stigma that comes to a dancer one is that dancing isn’t work but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Just imagine dancing in seven inch heels all day let alone walking in them and then hanging from a pole upside down in some parts of their day.

The physical demands for Cincinnati strippers are very high and most wouldn’t be able to do it. Also people need to remember they are entertainers just like singers, and actors are entertainers so are dancers as dancing is a form of entertainment and thus they have to consider what the patrons want as that it is how they get paid. There are two sides of dancing one is emotional as they patrons want to have an individualized experience and many have the need to feel wanted. This means the dancers must put on the face that they are interested in the men (or women) and put a face of emotion on while they dance even though the truth is that many dance without emotion.

The other side of the dancing is what many people stigmatize and know the exotic dancers for is the sexual side. Often dancing on the stage is only for advertising and most of the money that the girls make are in the VIP area or with lap dances. Within the VIP section of any club with dancers the girls are naked and basically all types of touching is going on without there being any penetration of any kind. On average for the girls they are giving twenty five to thirty lap dances a night in order to make ends meet which can be emotionally and physically draining.

Exotic dancing is a real job but unlike many jobs they lack medical insurance, and many of the protections that most jobs have due to the stigma that surrounds it. Most dancers are moms that needs to make money to support their kids, or students very few choose dancing for a career but no matter what they are all just trying to make it by.